Thiết bị khử tĩnh điện SMC IZS 40/41/42

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Thiết bị khử tĩnh điện SMC IZS40 serie

IZS40/41/42 Bar Ionizers

The IZS4 is SMC's 3rd generation bar ionizers, including three series models.  Bar ionizers apply 6000 to 7000V to each electrode needle, from 5 to 41 installed depending on length.  The corona discharge effect generates a stream of ionized air particles which are purged by an air supply and directed toward the workpiece or zone.  Unbalanced charges in the target area combine with the ion stream to neutralize the unsafe or hazardous charge.  Protect equipment and personnel, improve process quality, and reduce or eliminate product defects by removing static electricity.

  • Apply ionized air to neutralize statically charged workpieces
  • Treat a curtain shaped zone up to 8 feet long
  • Optimize ion balance or accelerate neutralization with optional sensors
  • Electrode cartridge design minimizes needle contamination
  • High speed or energy saving cartridges in tungsten or single crystal silicon
  • CE and RoHS Compliant

IZS40 Standard

  • Simple operation
  • AC and DC modes
  • 3 alarms

IZS41 with Sensor Options

  • Fastest static electricity removal time
  • Feedback or autobalance sensors
  • AC, Sensing AC, and DC modes
  • Detects contamination
  • 7 alarms

IZS42 Dual AC

  • Dual AC mode protects sensitive devices with low potential amplitude
  • Optional autobalance sensor
  • Detects contamination
  • 7 alarms

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