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Hình ảnh của Máy cắt và vát mét ống Cofim CTO 89
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Máy cắt và vát mét ống Cofim CTO 89

Mã sản phẩm:
CTO 89
Xuất xứ:
Bảo hành:
12 tháng
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Máy cắt và vát mét ống Cofim CTO 89

Hãng sản xuất: Cofim - UK

CTO 89 Pipe Cutting Split Frame

Power: Electric

Weight: 16kg

Tube: 1 inch to 3 inches

Cofim CTO split frame machines are designed for cold pipe cutting and bevelling. The machines are fast, reliable, and precise. Their compact design and low radial clearance makes them an ideal tool for in-line pipe cutting. Machining is performed with HSS tool bit.

There are two 1/2 turning parts and two 1/2 fixed parts. Clamping jaws insure the clamping of the machine around the pipe and can be adjustable separately. With 2 tool holders.

The tool holder feeds the tool bit from outside to inside with a constant feed of 0.1mm per rotation. A clutch system can be disengaging at any time